Modbus/RS485 application
Industrial control systems have long had very different goals and requirements than home networks. In recent years, however, the widespread use of smartphones has made it possible to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) together. Industrial control systems have evolved from being closed, pre-programed, stand-alone systems to being open, intelligent, and interconnected.

In the world of IoT, no single manufacturer can provide complete compatibility with third party products. This often requires a custom integration solution to meet customer needs. Only by using a combination of traditional wired devices with wireless devices can the entire system be extended and expanded at any time.

Livinup has designed a series of bridge devices called gateways that can complement system integrators through familiar communication protocols like Modbus or 485, integrating with Livinup's full range of wireless devices, making it easy to add or remove devices for greater flexibility in any application.

Whether for smart homes or for smart industrial control, cooperation and custom integration work together to satisfy market demands.