G-Light Technology is a professional manufacturer specialized in manufacturing sensors. It has a well-experienced R&D team, enabling us to gain the greatest advantage in the field of wireless devices. From R&D, production, quality inspection, to shipping, all products are all made in Taiwan. In addition to patents obtained from many countries, we have CE/FCC/safety approvals applied to various products.
Taipei Office
TGM Technology has developed more than 60 wireless device products with smart home as the core of the development team in the fields of firmware, wireless communication, mobile device software, etc. From the beginning of the wireless switch, smart home, more support for Modbus Streaming protocol, which can be used for large-scale field, wired/wireless conversion technology for docking and streaming, products can be matched with voice control, to cloud services, diversified products, and connected together, so that customers can feel the practicality and convenience of products. .

The design of the wireless switch is the natural habits of life, making the construction simple and without noise and dust. The user can complete the setting through simple matching, and the construction unit can shorten the working hours and increase the acceptance.

TGM technology products are designed to be easy to use. Compared with the current smart home related products, they still need to be studied. TGM covers a complete field of teams, can quickly communicate and respond, can provide services closer to customer needs, and then quickly lead in this market.