Our Teamwork
Human needs keep us constantly evolving to create a better life.

Livinup teamwork consists of marketing professionals, skilled industrial designers and electronic engineers, as well as manufacturing specialists. We are experienced in modernizing traditional technologies and injecting new life into existing products. Redesigning products with the latest technology adds value and often results in a cost savings. Each design change we undertake is creatively considered to satisfy modern requirements and maximize consumer comfort, convenience and usability.

Creative design must account for human nature and its deepest desires. We firmly believe that continuous innovation of products that satisfies real human needs results in sustainable value for any enterprise.
OBM/ODM/OEM Services
Our Advantages
*Full range of wireless products.
*Simple system for total solution.
*Reliable, privacy, safety encrypt code.
*Made in Taiwan. 100% develop and manufacture in Taiwan.
*Open Gateway API that easy to connect with multiple system such as PC, Set-
top Box, smart phone...
*Peer to peer communication even the gateway or internet disconnection.